You may find out more about me and my site in this section.

About Iredale

Why Iredale? What or who is Iredale? A long time ago when I had decided to leave academia I was considering a web design/hosting career and I needed a domain name to run my site and email from. My own name had already been taken as a domain so I needed a name for domain and potential company. I selected Iredale for the following reasons:

  • It is the name of my maternal great grandfather, who I am also named after.
  • It was the name of the house I was brought up in.
  • It sounds nice.
  • It's not my name, I'm not vain enough to name my business after myself.
  • The domain was available.

In the end I didn't start my own business, I got a job with a "dot.com" company, which later went out of business, but I still have and use the domain today.