About Me


After a short academic career, I joined industry as a technical support engineer with the Inso Corporation. I ran the European first line customer support desk for DynaBase, their enterprise content management software.

I currently work for a blue chip medical devices company, primarily doing SAP ABAP and interface development. I formerly use to administer the Linux systems and maintain a number of intranet and Internet web sites.

I've been doing web design for over a decade, starting as a student at Leeds University and continuing while I worked at the University of California. Over the years I have gradually grown into using open source software on Unix/Linux systems.

Additional Details

My abridged CV is available for viewing:

My full CV is available on request, in the following open formats:

  • ISO 32000 "Portable Document Format" - PDF
  • ISO/IEC 26300:2006 OpenDocument format - ODT

Should you wish to contact me via a secure channel, my GnuPG public key is also available.