Site Browser Policy


This site is designed and built only with public standards which should ensure fair access to all browsers. No proprietary code or feature is used that may favour one browser at the expense of another one.

Not all browser support the standards or support the standards correctly. Only the widely supported components of the standards have been used, elements of the standards that are not yet supported or poorly supported have not been used.

Even though only a conservative sub-set of the web standards have been used, it is still possible that not all features are supported by all browsers. The design of this site has been implemented in such a way that users of non-standard browsers should still be able to access all elements of the site correctly, though some elements may not look as intended.

Usability and Accessibility

This site has been designed from the ground up with usability and accessibility in mind. Good usability and accessibility are best incorporated as part of the site architecture and not as tagged-on afterthoughts.

No element of the design is proprietary, even when using non-standard browsers the site navigation should be fully functional and all content should be fully legible. Non graphical browsers or screen reading browsers should also function correctly.

If you experience any usability or accessibility problem please report your contact me and I will look into any problems you have.


Web browsers that adhere to the current W3C specification should render all pages on this site correctly. Modern standard compliant browsers known to support most W3C specifications include the latest versions of Firefox, Konqueror/Safari/Chrome or Opera.

Users of older browsers, text browsers and defective browsers will not necessarily see this site at it's best. This site does not attempt to support obsolete or non-conformat browsers, though the pages are designed to not explicitly exclude them and they should degrade gracefully. The site should function correctly and still be fully usable and accessible whichever browser you have.