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10 Feb 2004

SMB Strangeness...

Yesterday I tweaked the Samba settings on my Debian box. Mostly to add a SMB time server option, and to tidy up the configuration. Last thing before shutting down the Win98 notebook, I checked that everything was working fine. I even booted things up this morning and made sure the notebook was happy.

This evening when I got home the notebook as not happy, it had lost the network, including it's self, and was a very unhappy bunny. I tweaked with the settings on the Linux box and tried again, and all was well. We shall see what happens!

Firefox Has Landed

After more silly name changes Mozilla Phoenix/Firebird has become Firefox. Version 0.8 of this many named browser arrived this week. It's still a beta version, it could do with being smaller and faster, and it's still missing the odd feature in it's bigger brother, but it's a cracking browser however you look at it.

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