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11 Feb 2004

Debian Linux on SPARC

Now that I've ordered some DIMMs for my SPARC station 5, I've started the download of Debian Linux 3.0r2 for SPARC. It's only 660Mb for the first disk, and with luck I'll be able to pull any additional data of the net rather than downloading the other 5 disks.

It's a shame to be removing Solaris from this box, but Debian will run better on it given the machines limited hardware, and it will also be more familair to me, now that the rest of my systems are also running Debian.



For a while I have been tinkering with the idea of buying a new system. I don't want to spend a lot of money, and I don't want a huge box. Someone on use Perl; suggested a system buy LinITX as an ideal small base for a home system.

There are quite a few manufacturers of mini-ITX based systems out there, and most offer low-cost systems with no OS or Linux pre-installed. Most of these systems are based on a VIA Eden or C3 mini-ITX motherboard. Obviously they are not the fastest machines available today, which is okay, but it sounds like there are enough snags with Debian to put me of them for the moment.

My Sun box has one DIMM

A nice Micron employee called Tom Schmidt has written a Perl script (memconf), that parses the output of the Solaris prtconf command, and works out how much RAM you have installed in each DIMM slot.

My Sun box doesn't have enough disk space to actually have Perl installed, so I sent him the output of prtconf -pv and he worked it out for me. My system has a single 32Mb DIMM in, so I can now safely buy 7 second hand Sun DIMMs to take the system up to it's maximum of 256Mb.