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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

17 Feb 2004


So I've moved all my machines around and wriggled the SPARC free, opened it up, added the new DIMMs and booted to a happy open firmware state. Put it all back together and let it boot again, and then started the OS.

FATAL mistake, Solaris gets about 30 seconds into the boot sequence and panics with an "asynchronous memory fault" and stops. DIMM 1 is not happy, either it's not properly seated, or it's duff. It's too late to do anything about it tonight, but I can see a lot of fiddling about tomorrow!

Bad xhtml

I did it again, I made some minor change to my xhtml, and broke it. Annoyingly Mozilla carried on, and it took a bug report from a Safari user for me to see it. A quick validation check showed that I had some badly nested tags, now fixed, and I quickly checked with Konqueror to confirm that the problem was fixed.

I did some additional Konqueror 2.2 tests, and the navigation widget doesn't work - which is a pity. I don't have a later version or a Mac to test it with Safari, so I don't know if it's something that is now fixed in the khtml rendering engine.

My Sun DIMMs arrived

A nice friend of a friend had just the right kind of Sun DIMMs for my ancient SPARC station 5. He put them in a box and posted them over to my friend, who gave them to me this morning. Even better is that with the US Dollar in free-fall at the moment, when we convert from dollars to Pounds Sterling, they come out quite reasonable, 25p per MiB.

Now all I have to do is remove the stuff from the poor little SPARC box, open him up, and plug the DIMMs in.