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18 Feb 2004

Backups are your friends

Last weekend I wrote a little backup script. Nothing fancy, it simple TARred up a bunch of folders, bzipped them nice and small and put them somewhere for burning to CD-R. I don't have the luxury of a big file server at home, so I've not copied the backups across the network to file server to keep.

While installing the mozCC tool on my browser, I borked my Bookmarks.html file. Thankfully I was able to pop over to my backup directory and pull a nice copy out.

I have only 224MiB...

Well it turns out that one of the DIMMs I was sent was bad, and the Sun wouldn't use it. I re-seated it twice, and tried it in a different socket, but it was to no avail.

Still 224MiB is a lot more than 32MiB, so I'm not going to complain much!