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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

20 Feb 2004


It was snowing on our way home today. By the time we had walked from the station to the front door it had pretty much stopped, and you would be hard pressed to have found any evidence that it had ever snowed.

Tomorrow it could be the top headline in the regional news....

Fancy New Site

We are working on a new site at work to replace the current one. I bitched so much about the current one, that this time the graphic artist has used more of his skill than Dreamwevers crude automated code. The result is a base template that is more than 10KiB smaller, and each content page is also smaller. Best of all it looks nicer too.

For my part I've worked on optimising some of the ECMA Script and the style sheets. This time he understands my Perl based templating system better, so has been he has been able to use it more to his advantage.

We shall see if we go live on or about the right date, all I have to do now is such a shed load of data out of the SAP system, and template up about 500 pages of product data.