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26 Feb 2004

Perl Application for XML TV (paxtv)

I've made a little tool to convert XML TV feeds into xhtml content. At first I planned to do it all dynamically at page request time, then cache the results using the excellent Cache::Cache module. The I gave up and decided to just grab the pages with Wget - on a cron job, and build the pages asynchronously.

It's a very simple application, load the XML data feeds off disk, run them through an XSLT engine, and stuff the contents into a web page, the four BBC channels on one page, and five commercial ones on another. Dead simple, now I don't have to use the awful EPG that comes with FreeView or buy a TV listings magazine.

Internet Explorer

For the last few days I've been working on our new web site at work. It's been a mix of xhtml, css, and dhtml, and so far it's been quite fun. Part of the work involves generating 500 web pages from XSLT, which is where the pain began.

Turing a page of XML into xhtml is quite easy, as long as the result xhtml you are aiming for is reasonably sane. The xhtml I had came from Dreamweaver, so it was quite insane. I decided it would be easier to re-write from scratch, which is what I did.

An hour or so later, I had a nice XSLT sheet, that spat out a nice xhtml page, the CSS worked on it, and it looked like the xhtml that the graphics bod had originally created. As expected it worked perfectly in Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but IE was quite broken. It's taken me two days to fix all the problems that IE has, and it's been very frustrating.

On the up-side I discovered an excellent CSS web site /* Position Is Everything */ and I know a lot more about xhtml/css than I did at the start of the week!