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28 Feb 2004

I Like Browser Tabs

Like most people using a sane browser I've become very use to using browser tabs. All the good browsers support the idea, Mozilla, Opera and Safari, obviously IE doesn't, but then it's stuck so far in the past, I surprised it's not steam powered.

Today I installed the Mozilla Tabbrowser Extensions, I've know about it for some time, but not bothered adding before. I yanked the xpi file off the 'net and installed it in my Firefox Browser. Seems a very useful addition so far, I'll have to install it at work too.

The IE Factor

I have been suffering at the hands of MS IE of late. The three recent Windows versions 5.x, 5.5 and 6.x are quite different from each other, with a wide selection of defects and strange behaviours. The Mac version is totally different, having a different selection of defects, but is in many respects better than any of the Windows versions.

Basically all these bugs and problems, require so many hacks, and workarounds to make the browser display correctly that if it were not for their dominant market share, no sane designer would bother coding for them. To make matters worse some hacks have to be hidden so that they don't interfere with other browsers, or other versions of IE.

I was suggested the following article: "The IE Factor", which sums up my feelings and sentiments.