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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

29 Feb 2004


Just when I stopped looking, PuTTY has been upgraded. If you are unlucky to be on a Windows box, this tiny little tool could well save your bacon. You get: a Telnet client; a SSH1/2 client; SFTP; a Key generator; a key manager tool; and a command line tool for use with other programs that need to use a SSH connection.

You can install Cygwin and then run OpenSSH, but that's quite a few MiB of install, whereas PuTTY fits on a single floppy disk.

This version now comes with a Unix version, and a Mac OSX version is also in the pipeline. Given that any sane Unix/Linux platform should have OpenSSH on it already, this seems a little pointless, but as they say in their FAQ, some people like PuTTY and did want a Unix version, and the process of porting it to Unix has helped them improve the code, so the Windows version benefits as a side effect. I don't have gtk on my box so I couldn't compile the GUI bits, but the command line pieces worked out of the box on Debian stable.