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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

03 Mar 2004


Kellan has released a new version of XML::RSS. I'll have to find my PuTTY format SourceForge SSH keys, convert them to OpenSSH, and then update the web site.


After a lull over Xmas, the volume of spam I am receiving at home and work has risen sharply. At home Procmail and spam-assassin deal with most of the spam, and there is only a little left in my in-box to remove manually.

At work we run our email on Windows servers with Microsoft's Exchange server. As far as I can tell it's very good at generating false positives for viruses, and doesn't seem to do anything about spam.

Zip Drive

I have a SCSI Zip drive on my PC, that I've not used in years. It's from the generation that suffered the infamous "click of death" syndrome, and so I never trusted it all that much, plus CD-R is cheaper and more useful.

Today I got an email asking if I could read data on a Zip disk, so I just tested to see what would happen. I just tried to mount a disk, and it all worked, so far so good. Most my old Zip disks don't seem to work all that well, it's a good job I copied anything of value to CD-R a long time ago.