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06 Mar 2004

A Prairie Home Companion

When I lived in the US, one of the more civilised things I found was National Public Radio, like the BBC, only not as well funded.

There were several excellent programs on NPR, my favourites being A Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk. Since returning to the UK, listing to these show has proved more complicated. Though both shows have for a long while had good RealAudio feeds, 56Kbps dial-up isn't the best way to listen to anything.

Since upgrading to ADSL I have had better luck, however at the same time I upgraded Debian, and didn't install a RealPlayer until this weekend. I've got quite a few hours of NPR radio to listen to now!

Anzac* Biscuits

Unlike most people in the UK who seemed to have been brought up on Flap-Jacks, I was raised on Anzac biscuits. As a child either my grandmother or mother would bake them, and we would have them to "dunk" in tea. I've never encountered anyone else in the UK who has ever heard of them, though I gather that they are/were very common in Australia and New Zealand.

Since both my grandmother and mother have passed away, I now have no one to bake me my favourite biscuits. I've tried to make them in the past, but it was not a success, today I tried again. This time I was armed with my grandma's recipe, fully converted into metric units. They are cooling as I type, but other than being a bit too sweet, they look and taste great!

  • 200g Self-Raising Flour
  • 300g Granulated Sugar
  • 150g Rolled (Porridge) Oats
  • 150g Dessicated Coconut
  • 125g Butter or other fat
  • 25ml Golden Syrup
  • 25ml Water - though you may need to add more
  • 5ml Sodium Hydrogen-Carbonate (Bi-Carbonate of soda)

Mix the dry stuff in a mixing bowl. Melt the butter, and add it other liquids into the dry stuff, and mix. You want a sticky goo, so if it's too dry add some more water. Make small balls with your hands, and squish on a greased baking tray. Bake at 170C, until they look golden brown, cool on a wire rack, and eat with a nice cup of tea!

* ANZAC = Australia and New Zealand Army Corp