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13 Mar 2004

Over "Designed"

I hate it when web site are more complex, and over designed than they need to be. For example anyone who uses a Javascript link where a normal href would do, should have their head boiled in their own entrails.

Frames can be used properly, however all too often they are unnecessary and usually break all sorts of normal behaviours. The same can be said of Flash, it's okay for some narrowly defined roles, but for over 90% of the time, Flash is the wrong answer.

Today my anger is aimed at TV and radio companies that make getting at a media feed on their web site an obstacle course. I shall ignore the pure evil that is Microsoft, but why the exclusive use of the latest codec? Not everyone has or can have the latest media player with the latest codec. Why do they break the normal media player interface with the stupid on screen plug-in interface, I want to connect to the feed, and then do something else, I don't want to waste a whole tab in my browser just to listen to BBC R4.

In my hall of shame for today, we have europe1 for using Flash, Javascript links, frames, IE specific html, and Windows Media Player. To add insult to injury they also use a version of Media Player that even a Windows 98 machine can't support.