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14 Mar 2004

Customer Service

I like to walk. I'm not a die hard walker, I don't go on holiday to the Himalayas to trek up and down mountains for a month. My idea of a walk is a 12Km day walk, finishing up at a nice tea shop or a good pub. When we go places, we try to get out and about and have a walk.

We have some walking kit. Decent 3-season boots, and a selection of modern performance clothing. In the UK it's important to have something water proof, and for me I need something that allows me to stay cool and keep the sun off in warm weather. Over the years we've bought various technical kit from various suppliers, and paid quite differing prices.

I've a few Ex Officio shirts bought when I lived in the US. They are great for warm climates, and I really like them. They also have good customer service, when I wanted to know what colour something an online discount retailer was selling, a nice person from their office accurately described the colour, and I ended up buying the shirt. Even their UK distributor was polite and efficient when I sent them an email.

I've also dealt with Gelert, who also make the same kind of (quite good) clothing. I've emailed them twice and they never replied to simple questions, like where are the retailers that sell your clothing range? or do you have a catalogue?

Is good customer service that hard?

Civic Duty

Today, there was a litter pick in the village. At least 50 people, young and old, braved the weather to remove other people's rubbish. We collected about one full bin bag of rubbish each in our party, so I should imagine that over all, as a group, we collected a fair amount of discarded beer, cider & larger bottles and cans; cigarette packets; and sweet & crisp wrappings.