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20 Mar 2004

Mozilla 1.7β

Just as I was saying nice things about the Opera Web Browser, the Mozilla Foundation release the 1.7 beta version of the Mozilla Browser. The Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Firefox share the same page rendering engine, "gecko", so pages look the same in both browsers, but have different user interfaces.

I constantly flip-flop between the different browsers, the Mozilla Browser has easy configuration for almost all the features, but has the extra bulk of the mail/news client and Mozilla Composer tool, which I never use. Firefox doesn't have the bits I never use and does feel faster, but is more awkward to configure and less mature than it's parent. Opera is quite different — being based on totally different code, and has another set of strengths and weaknesses...

The Opera Browser

Opera Logo

I like the Opera Web Browser. It's half the size of Firefox, and in many respects just as good. The one thing I miss though is the easy ability to block in-line adverts. Both are better than Microsoft's IE, which can neither bock adverts (in-line or pop-up) nor get page layout correct.