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25 Mar 2004

Orphaned Module

This week on Perlmonks someone mentioned a perl module, that takes a number (e.g. 1000) and converts it into words (e.g. one thousand). I went over to CPAN to have a look, and there is indeed Lingual-EN-Numbers which converts numerals to their English words.

If you read the docs, it's says it actually doesn't do English, it does American, and nothing else. If you look at the source, it actually has tables for American and British sic. numbering, and while it has millard correct, the British data is otherwise somewhat buggy and in need of patching.

The module is nearly 4 years old, still at version 0.01, and my email to it's author was rejected as undeliverable by Yahoo! A Google search found another potential and more recent email address. While I should create a patch, and try and find it's author to send the patch too, the module really needs a redesign, and simpler interface — it doesn't need to be object orientated really for example.

I wonder if I should I do this...?