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04 Apr 2004

Why are most web sites awful?

Most web sites are awful, because the people doing the work, many who should no better, allow the clue-less idiots in charge to dictate what the web site ends up as. All too often the marketing department gets involved, and fusses about silly things like colour or animation, yet they don't address what the customer wants - information.

While it's fun to have a meet the board, or our history, or any of the other common self congratulatory drivel on a web site, they should not be allowed to exclude the useful and important things about a site.

For example, where can I find a single usable map of the UK rail network, with all the stations on? Not on Network Rail's site. Why do train companies not offer proper timetables? You can get the awful on-line train service, or the much better accessible version, but still, what is wrong with being allowed to punch in a start and end, and getting all the possible trains (there and back) for a given day(s)?


We went up to London yesterday to do some shopping. We wanted some "English" gifts for the family next week. The problem was that it's so hard to find nice well made things that aren't actually made on the continent. All the chocolate is Belgian, or French, so there is no point in buying it and taking it back to France.

We had a look round Harrods, and Fortnum & Mason, and found a few things. On the whole I don't like Harrods, it's rather tasteless and very overpriced, and to be honest the quality of the goods is very poor. However the French in-laws will be delighted with something in a Harrods box, even if they could buy something better from a run of the mill French super market.

You can get excellent goods in the UK, it's just increasingly hard to locate. As a nation we are ashamed of many of our own ideas & products, and instead would rather import products form overseas, or our own producers fight for the space at the bottom of the range...