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14 Apr 2004

Diary Of Success

People have been on holiday so the actual switch on of our blosxom at work project has been delayed. It's all in place, it's just awaiting people to come back from holiday and to announce it.

It has given me a little extra free time to tweak with the CSS and add a few more minor features. Yet more IE defects and limitations fell out of the tree, and where possible I added work-arounds. To see the site at it's best, you really need a recent Mozilla or Opera, which only a handful of people have, as the corporate standard is stupid old IE...

All things considered, Blosxom has worked out quite well, and it's been an interesting and easy project - I'm very happy!

Paris, France

Over Easter we were in France visiting family. It's not really fair to compare Paris with London, as I know Paris much better, but I do like Paris better than London - it's a fun place to visit.

To visit family in Paris is also cheaper and easier than visiting family up in northern England. If only our transport infrastructure was as good as France's...