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18 Apr 2004

Ripping CDs

I don't have a lot of free disk space on any of my systems, or a media-player like an iPod. In the past I've ripped the odd CD, just so I could have the songs with me, without having to actually have the actual CD.

At work I listen to the odd ripped CD, just so I don't have to cart the CDs back and forwards between home and work. Even at work, I don't have that much disk space, so even with an aggressive compression setting in ogg, it's not a lot of songs.

Today I thought I'd give a try at ripping an audio CD on Linux. In the past I've always used CDex a nice open-source windows tool. cdparanoia seems to do a good job of extracting the audio data to raw files, and oggenc seems to be quite happy to compress them. Seems very simple and civilised - though it would be nice to have an automatic freedb look up...