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23 Apr 2004

Fair Trade Juice


Last weekend we bought some Fairtrade certified orange juice. It was GBP0.60 (~USD1) cheaper than the leading brand, and tasted much better. If only UK farmers could get a good deal from the middle-men and supermarkets too...

Our village super-market recently underwent a re-fit, they can now stock more products, including this juice. The Co-Op has always been an odd shop. They have high ethical standard, many of their own brands are now Fairtrade, they have clear and unambiguous labelling, yet their customer base isn't the one you would expect to care.

X Multimedia System


I read a recent article in LinuxDevCenter about the XMMS application. I use it at home, pretty much without thinking about it, and it's okay. On my Windows machine at work I use Zinf which I prefer. I'm running Debian stable at home, and Zinf isn't yet ready for it, and I can't be arsed to try and run it - too many changes required.

XMMS has some problems, I don't like the silly skin-able interfaces, they are mostly awful to use, I'm not interested in the silly visualisation plug-ins, an it doesn't have an "All Music" option. In many respects XMMS is a Nullsoft Winamp clone, so it copies the originals poor features all too well. It's better than Windows MediaPlayer, it plays Oggs and it works so it's not too bad.

Zinf has one nice feature I miss, "My Music", you point it at a directory, and it searches and builds a "My Music" database of all your music files. From there it's easy to build play lists if you want, or as I do, I just drag albums one at a time into the play-list and listen without even bothering to save the play-list.