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25 Apr 2004

1970's TV

Yesterday I saw on DVD the first three episodes of the BBC's long running TV comedy series "Last Of The Summer Wine", originally transmitted in 1973. There was a time, when I was a child, that I saw the programme regularly as part of the family Sunday evening TV viewing, and even today I see it now and then.

It is quite interesting to see how things have changed in the last thirty years since the first episodes were recorded. All the cast seem to be smoking, something utterly frowned upon by modern society, and the level of alcohol consumption is conspicuous by it's excess. Another very obvious change is the level of swearing, and insults, they are far more frequent and much stronger than the current family friendly series.

Society changes, and our TV programmes changes to reflect these changes, that is to be expected. While the UK may have become a more health conscious society, it's also fair to say that we have become a far more PC and considerably more intolerant of swearing in "family" entertainment. However, what was surprising was the level of clear anti-Conservative bias in the first three episodes.