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06 May 2004

Blind Leading the Blind

In my recent use Perl; journal I passed a comment about our awful village web site, and the equally awful web site of the company that has recently been awarded the contract to develop the site.

At work our graphic artist almost fell out of his chair laughing at the sites that the company has done - they are so awful. I hadn't bothered to look at them when I wrote my journal, and they are well worth looking at if you ever need an example of bad design...

Interestingly someone commented on my use Perl entry that I could legitimately complain about accessibility issues. The site is virtually unusable if you are not disabled, but if you are forced to use a screen reader, or any other kind of assistive technology then the site is an utter joke. Under UK legislation you are not allowed to discriminate against disabled users, and this applies to web sites too.

Walking on the Isle of Wight

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we went on a short walking holiday on the Isle of Wight. The weather wasn't perfect, but we did get two decent days of walking, and one shorter walk. Most of the people on the holiday were affluent recently retired people - who were a jolly good laugh.

I was away from TV and the Internet and missed the latest Microsoft virus outbreak. Apparently work was hit badly too - strange given that we supposedly have a secure system...