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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

13 May 2004


At work we use a SAP system to run our business on. It's big, expensive, incredibly powerful, and quite complex. One of the nice features is a c library that SAP provide as part of a SDK that allows you to talk to the system with any programming language you want that can talk to the c library. Piers Harding wrote a nice Perl module that uses this library, and allows you to talk to SAP from Perl in an easy way.

I mentioned that we were doing this at work and it was going well in a recent use Perl; journal entry and the following day I got a request on Perlmonks for explanations and example code. Not only is talking to SAP from Perl easy, but it now seems everyone wants to do it!

Windows != Unix

I don't like Microsoft Windows. It's over priced, unreliable & insecure, bloated and worst of all a nightmare to administer & maintain. While I accept it has some uses as a client system, in a controlled environment, it beggars the imagination that many people this it is a suitable platform for to run a business on, or to locate in a hostile environment.

I'm not naively advocating everyone rushes out and installs the latest eye-candy inflated Linux distribution, or buy a commercial closed source Unix, but as Gartner recently said, all enterprises should plan to phase out Windows in favour of a Unix/Linux solution.