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14 May 2004

Opera 7.50

Today I noticed that Opera 7.5β has evolved into 7.5 final. I downloaded it at work and replaced 7.23 and 7.5β and when I got home I upgraded by 7.23 version too. Compared with 7.23, the registered Linux version is only mildly different, you get a few extra options, and a few things that have bugged me for a while have been fixed. Compared with the unregistered windows version, 7.5 has less intrusive adverts, and the on screen appearance is much improved.

I now await the imminent arrival of Mozilla 1.7, and Firefox 0.9...

Corrupt Discs Spotted

Today on the way home from work I had a look in a local music and video retailer, to see if they had anything interesting in stock. They didn't have what I wanted, but I had time to kill so I had a look at thee stock on promotion.

I did find a CD I thought I would buy, only it wasn't a CD, even though it was in the CD section. It was some BMG copy protected thing, which won't play on a computer CD player unless you have Windows running (I don't) and has a notorious reputation of not playing on many CD players full stop. Not only does this piece of nonsense cost BMG money to do, but it puts people off buying products, and doesn't actually stop large scale copying. I will be writing to HMV and BMG to complain.