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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

27 May 2004


I try to swim in the local pool twice a week, aiming to swim about 1km at a go. I normally swim in a "medium" lane where I'm about in the middle of speed range. I recently improved my technique and this has made me faster, though not fast enough for a "fast" lane.

Today the medium lane I was in was fairly empty, just me and four others. I was by far the fastest person in the lane, which is unusual. I don't mind people who are slow as long as they let you pass, but when you have people swimming like ducks, and they never let you pass it's a real pain. I don't know how far I actually swam, but I gave up as I kept running into their feet. To add insult to injury the really slow pair today were swimming slower than most of the people in the slow lanes...