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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

29 May 2004


Today I used Kate to do some work. I've used it now and then in the past, but I've yet to settle on a graphical text editor yet. Tomorrow I'll play with KEdit and Kwrite Advanced Editor (also Kate based) to see if I like them any better.

If I can't find a graphical text editor I like, I'll go back to using a console based one. Editors are a very personal thing, and while there are good arguments for many of them, familiarity is a very strong reason for sticking with the one you like...

Perl From Scratch

Today I decided to do some Perl coding. I took a number of old navigation scripts, and merged them into a single properly designed one. The originals were written to be simple and quick, but over time as features were added or removed they grew into unmaintainable spaghetti.

The new application is still not perfect, but it's designed to do a fixed number of tasks, and the code is much cleaner and more flexible that the originals. Tomorrow I shall implement the tool on a number of mini-sites, and that should solve some problems.