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20 Jun 2004

Web Developer Extension

For a while I have used the Mozilla/Firefox tool PNH Developer Toolbar. Recently I upgraded to Firefox 0.9 on a number of machines, and as a result I've had to re-install a number of "Extensions" (plug-ins).

Over time the various extensions get updated, and my version slips behind. Or a new extension takes over the baton, and the older one falls by the way side. In this case PNH is one that while great when new, has now been very clearly over taken. Only when I do a browser upgrade do I usually notice that something has changed.

Like any new tool, the Web Developer Extension feels strange, but it is a very powerful tool, and I've now installed it on every Firefox browser that I use. My favourite feature at the moment being the ability to edit any web page's style sheet on the fly.

Site Redesign

This weekend I've mostly completed the redesign of my main site Many of the design aspects of this site and my main site, have been now converged on a single look'n'feel.

After some more testing, I'll upload the changes to my production server. The design has been tested with the two modern browsers I can easily use (Firefox & Opera), I don't have a Mac to test it with Safari, so I have to wing that one. As to legacy browsers, like Microsoft's IE, I don't care about them too much, but because IE is so common, I'll have to do some testing this week.

16 Jun 2004

use Perl;

I won't be able to get my daily Perl fix from use Perl; as it's going down for a major rebuild. I shall just have to hope it comes back up, and is better than ever.

15 Jun 2004

Firefox 0.9 Has Landed

Get Firefox

The latest version of the Firefox web browser came out today. I installed it on my Win2K system at work, and it broke all my old Firefox settings, but it now includes importers for the Browser Suite, Opera and Microsoft's IE. In theory it should have automatically upgraded my old Firefox settings, but as they were originally Phoenix settings, I think that was too much to ask for still beta quality software.

Alas only GTK2 binaries are available at the moment, and as I don't have GTK2 on my Debian stable machine, I can't use it yet. Mind you there is no rush, as it will take a few weeks for all the extensions and textures to be updated to the new API.

13 Jun 2004

Effective Perl Programming

Yesterday I wanted to sorting somethings, and I knew that there was good example in Effective Perl Programming by Hall and Schwartz. The book is now six years old, but I still find it contains useful advice. I should refer to it more often as I understand it better and more fully every time I return to it.

11 Jun 2004

Wobbly ADSL

My ADSL Link to world came back on line today, however it's about as reliable as software from Redmond. I've phoned my ISP, and they have reported a network fault to BT. Given that it's a weekend, and there is a big football match on, I don't expect it to come back on line until next week...

10 Jun 2004


According to Nildram the Monster Telco (BT) is having problems with the virtual circuit, and so my ADSL connection is not so stable. Ho hum, no Internet for me! I suppose I could do something more productive instead...


I've removed Dean's IE nag style sheet because of a slight bug I discovered. I'll re-enabled it when it's fixed.

09 Jun 2004


I've not yet implemented Dean's IE7 patch, but I have added his IE nag patch. If you are foolish or unlucky enough to be using IE6 to view this site, then when you leave you should get a polite nagging notice suggesting that you upgrade to a modern browser.

I may have identified a problem though...

08 Jun 2004


This week while ranting about how awful Microsoft's Internet Explorer is a browser when compared with something modern like Mozilla or Opera, someone suggested Dean Edwards' "IE7" compliance patch for IE5/6.

Basically on your web-server you have the patch which you specify as your first style sheet. You then design your site to the specifications, and test with modern browsers, and you should find that IE 5 and 6 pretty much do the right thing too, without having to hack all sorts of work-arounds into your xhtml and css!

I've not used it much yet, but it could solve some problems on some work Intranet projects, and on some low profile web sites (like this one).

06 Jun 2004

Blasted Pollen!

Today we were out-and-about. Alas my nose and grass pollen don't get along, and I'm now dripping like a tap... I think it's a nice day, but I can't see very well as my eyes don't like the pollen either, and are somewhat swollen.

The Open CD

Today I decided to download The Open CD 1.4 for a friend. Alas he uses Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft software, so his experience with computers is mostly very negative. There is no way I could upgrade him to Unix at the moment, but the Open CD should provide sufficient decent software to start the process of weaning him off Microsoft.

05 Jun 2004

Stupid IE

I've pretty much finished my site redesign, and it all works, except on stupid old IE, which just doesn't know how to do xhtml/css properly. It's such a pain having to dumb down a site to support old and unreliable browsers like IE.

02 Jun 2004

Stupid Anti-spam measures

Spam is a real pain, and I have no sympathy for people who spam, or allow their machine to spam. However I do get annoyed when some moron spams, and puts the dynamic IP I currently have in a block list. It's also annoying that people are stupid enough to rely on these block lists, rather than use it as additional information to make an informed decision!