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20 Jun 2004

Web Developer Extension

For a while I have used the Mozilla/Firefox tool PNH Developer Toolbar. Recently I upgraded to Firefox 0.9 on a number of machines, and as a result I've had to re-install a number of "Extensions" (plug-ins).

Over time the various extensions get updated, and my version slips behind. Or a new extension takes over the baton, and the older one falls by the way side. In this case PNH is one that while great when new, has now been very clearly over taken. Only when I do a browser upgrade do I usually notice that something has changed.

Like any new tool, the Web Developer Extension feels strange, but it is a very powerful tool, and I've now installed it on every Firefox browser that I use. My favourite feature at the moment being the ability to edit any web page's style sheet on the fly.

Site Redesign

This weekend I've mostly completed the redesign of my main site Many of the design aspects of this site and my main site, have been now converged on a single look'n'feel.

After some more testing, I'll upload the changes to my production server. The design has been tested with the two modern browsers I can easily use (Firefox & Opera), I don't have a Mac to test it with Safari, so I have to wing that one. As to legacy browsers, like Microsoft's IE, I don't care about them too much, but because IE is so common, I'll have to do some testing this week.