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13 Jul 2004

More Crap Web Sites

This week Field and Trek sent a flyer with some items on sale in. For once the prices are worthwhile, but I'm not willing to buy clothes on-line, I'd much rather go to a shop. So I tried their apparently award winning web site.

It's a steaming pile of crap...

  • If fails validation
  • Has no DOC-TYPE defined
  • Has no character set defined
  • The html is terrible
  • It's got illegal code points in the character set (so I assume it's some Microsoft rubbish)
  • It looks awful - like some horrid hack from ten years ago
  • It fails accessibility guidelines miserably

The list goes on and on. Some of the pages have exposed HTML in the body text, and the nearest shop's opening hours are, "ring between 9-5 to ask what the opening hours are..."