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18 Jul 2004

Drip Drip...

Over the weekend we helped with the OBS stall at the Overton Sheep Fair - I'd provide a link but there isn't one...

I didn't miss the opportunity to suggest to a few more people that they don't use IE, but rather try a better browser, either Opera or Firefox. No product is defect free, but it is fair to say that IE has had more than it's fair share of bugs, many of them have been very serious, and Microsoft has not been able to fix them quickly or in some cases at all.

Not everyone tries a new browser, especially those without a fast connection, but most that do never go back. IE is such a poor product when compared with the competition: it's slower; has less features; is notoriously buggy; doesn't protect against adverts; and is a security nightmare. To think that most people still use IE makes me so angry...

The Sheep Fair

This weekend was the Overton Village Sheep Fair 2004. We had quite a few thousand visitors, and it all went rather well, even the British weather played ball.

We were manning the OBS stall. We got lots of new members, and sold lots of stuff. We met lots of people, most from the village, some from far a field.

Interestingly I ran into a few people who were less than happy with the village web site. I was not alone in my misgivings about the web site, and others were keen to hear about my opinions that the new site while better is still less than idea.