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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

26 Jul 2004

Street Numbers

Most British streets use a simple numbering scheme. Starting at one end each building on one side has the odd numbers, and each building on the other side has the even numbers. If there is a large gap on one side, then usually the numbers skip the gap so if it's ever filled in the correct numbers are still available.

Our village is different. On entering a street you realise that the numbers start at one, and go up in sequence on one side, and then carry on going up all the way back on the other side. Thus number 1 may be opposite number 42, and number 1 is next door to number 2, which is opposite 41, and so on. There is nothing particularly wrong with this numbering method, but when you are not use to it, and it's mixed at random with the "normal" method, it's quite confusing...