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14 Sep 2004

Firefox Nearly At Version 1.0

Get Firefox!

I've no sooner sent an Open CD to my father to try and get him on to Firefox or Mozilla, and new versions come out. Mozilla has crept up to 1.7.3. and Firefox is now at version 1.0 (pre release).

The Mozilla Suite release is a security and bug fix. The Suite is still inching along towards the 1.8 release at the moment, new versions come out quite infrequently, as a it's considered a mature product.

Firefox is under much more active development, so it's release frequency is much higher. This release fixes the same bugs a Mozilla, plus adds lots of Firefox specific fixes too.

At some point, The Mozilla Suite should be replaced by the component pieces, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Nvu, but it's not quite clear if or when this will happen. It turns out more people like the Mozilla Suite than it's detractors thought.

Another Government Agency Recommends to NOT use IE

The German BSI has added it's voice to the chorus of security agencies that now recommend web users switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to another browser, as soon as possible.

No product is perfect, even Opera and Mozilla have defects, but they do have a reputation for fixing them, and fixing them quickly. Even if you have a safe product, and it's properly configured, you still need to be vigilant and keep it up to date.