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03 Oct 2004

Debian on Compaq

I managed to get Debian "Sarge" up and running fine on both the ancient Compaq Deskpro 2000s that work gave me. Alas one of them had a bad Compaq (Intel) e100 Ethernet card, which I had to substitute with an old and slower 3Com Etherlink III card I had lying around.

One of them is running KDE and quite happy, and will be configured up for my father. It just needs a modem adding, and final config, and it will be ready for him.

The second will replace an old Dell system I have, and become my new "home" server. I've got to get another hard disk in the case yet, and complete the install of Debian on there. Once that is done I'll decommission the old Dell, and give it away.

Once the new Compaq is integrated, I'll move over all the server functions currently on my desktop system, mostly just web and printer serving. I'll then be able to upgrade my desktop system from Debian Woody to Sarge, and reclaim some performance by not running any unnecessary services.