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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

24 Nov 2004


Eventually I will have to buy new computers at home. My desktop system is antique, and has had a lot of use over the past 8 years, so some of the moving parts will eventually fail. My partner's computer is a notebook and a little younger, but the casing is starting to fail on that, so it too will need replacing eventually.

I've been putting of replacing these machines for a number of years, prices continue to fall, and systems get faster, and there's nothing fatally wrong with our current systems yet... My original plan had been to replace only the actual box, I'd keep my current PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and my nice Sony Trinitron monitor.

At work we have TFT LCD monitors, and they take up very little desk space and, are light and easy to move. For computer usage they are great, as their grid layout is ideal for text, and when combined with digital inputs the picture quality is great. I've not considered one for home in the past, because they historically have only been available at fairly low resolutions. Modern 43cm units now run at a native resolution of 1280x1024 which is ideal for me, and the price has fallen like a rock, so a good unit now costs less than 300 including VAT. The only real problem with LCD is the slow pixel update speed, which makes them lousy for watching video or playing computer games with lots of movement - for that old fashioned CRT is still the best.