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07 Dec 2004

Safe Computing on the Web

Friends in the village seem to get their computers infected and rendered unusable with amazing regularity. I'm currently trying to write up a very short few page guide so that they don't get themselves into such messes. I'm targeting at people who know next to nothing, as they are easier to train than those who know something*.

The basic ideas are:

  • Install proper AV and anti-spy software.
  • Install a proper browser, and do not use IE.
  • Install a proper email client or use web-mail, and do not use Outlook or Outlook Express.
  • Do not connect directly to the Internet, use a NAT router.
  • Keep your system and all the key software packages up to date.
  • If you have an OS where there is a root user, then only use that user for installing stuff, not for day to day activity.

* Some people think Windows is easy, and that they know what they are doing, when in fact they have no idea.


I finally got my RHCT scores and certificate via email today. I got 100% on stage I and 90.9% on stage II to give and overall score of 93.63%, which isn't too bad.