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08 Dec 2004

Growing Confidence

Today I fixed the HP Management tool on the Linux web servers at work. I also down-loaded lots of patches for them, bringing them as up to date as possible. I upgraded the kernel on the latest box that hasn't gone into use yet, the others will need a moment when I can reboot them to test them, without impacting the business.

At home I also rearranged the files system on my home server. Basically I moved /home off a crowded disk onto a disk of it's own, and moved the under used file-system on to the root file system. Everything went without a hitch.

I'm now getting quite happy at working with Debian and RedHat. I think I'm more comfortable with Linux now than I ever was with Windows. It's not that I know more about Linux that I know about Windows, it's that I can find out about the stuff I don't know about much easier on Linux than I could on Windows.