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09 Jan 2005

Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression


I bought some CDs and DVDs in the new year sales. I refuse to buy corrupted disks that don't play predictably, and I buy only genuine CD and DVD media.

I don't endorse unlicensed duplication, but the aggressive attitude of big media companies is trampling over my fair use rights - "guilty until proven innocent" attitudes, and wasting money of copy protection schemes that interfere with genuine users and have no effect on counterfeiters is no way to gain public support.

More Extremely Critical IE6/SP2 Defects Found

Yet another batch of extremely critical security defects have been discovered in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. The so called safer IE6/SP2 version, is turning out to be the same old unsafe code we have come to love and expect from Microsoft. Secunia advise people to "Use another product"

This comes in the same week that Microsoft admitted that it can't fix the security problems in Windows, and instead will now provide free anti-virus/anti-spyware software. It's like selling a bucket with a hole in, and providing a free hole repair kit...