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18 Jan 2005

What is the Best Linux Distribution?

In a recent UK Linux magazine, there is an article to find the best Linux distribution. They covered the more popular distributions, and discussed the top few in depth. They came down in favour of Mandrake, which while a fine distribution, isn't I think the best overall, and is not the best in many situations.

The main problem with this study is that there is no target use, so you have no idea what they are deciding are factors that make distribution X the best at. If they at least said X is best at role 1, and Y is best at role 2, then it would make some sense.

Personally I think the best distribution is "your favourite one" - it's the one you know and the one you can use to the best. Another distribution may be better for you in theory, but you don't know it as well, so you won't get the best out of it if you were switch.

If you are new to Linux, then while there are some newbie optimised distributions available, I think the best distribution in this case is the one used by the person you are using as your local expert.

My local expert liked Debian, so that's what I learnt. I use Red Hat at work, and I'm even Red Hat Certified, but I know Debian better and I think it's the best distribution for me.