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27 Jan 2005

Got Rootkit?

I know enough about Linux/Unix to know that I don't know that much. I'm not a naive newbie, but I'm not yet a guru, however I'm now sufficiently paranoid to worry about rootkits and other such nasties.

On a Debian system like mine, installing protection is simplicity it's self. At work we use Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which has less built in than Debian, however as all good things are open source, it's simply a case of downloading and compiling them.

In the scheme of things I'm a nobody, and my systems are irrelevant, however a script kiddie with an automated toolkit could be a pain, so it wise to take precautions. A serious cracker could probably get into any of my systems given time, but I'm not worried about that - just like a professional criminal could easily defeat the door lock on my house. However, unlike petty criminals who can only perform one opportunistic crime at a time, a script kiddie can do quite a lot in one go.

SAP Training

We are a bit short staffed in the SAP department at work. After dropping a few heavy hints, it looks like work is going to send me on official SAP training. At best it should be interesting and in the worst case senario it's useful to have on my CV.