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09 Feb 2005

IBM eServer OpenPower 710

I want an IBM eServer OpenPower 710. It's got an IBM 1.65GHz POWER5 processor, somewhat faster than the Intel PentiumPro 0.2GHz I have at the moment. It has 2GB of system RAM, a tad more than my current system's 128MB, it even has 36MB of cache RAM! It has two 73.4GB Ultra320 10K disks compared with my current 3GB IDE and 4.5GB SCSI drives.

On the IBM site that lot comes out at US$4713+tax, which is only £2550+VAT in real money. My current Dell cost over $3000 when new, and with upgrades to the monitor and various sub-systems probably cost more than $4000 overall. The march of progress...

I'm almost tempted to email IBM, the eServer sales team is in Basingstoke and ask them about it. I wonder how you get Debian Sarge onto it?