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21 Feb 2005

Blocking (more) Adverts

It now seems that advertisers are aware that people are blocking their various pop-up, pop-under, and in-line adverts. Users of Opera, khtml based and Mozilla based browsers have largely been free of adverts for years, but since MS added limited anti-pop-up features to IE and various third party tools arrived, the number of advert blocked users has grown to a point where the advertisers have started to fight back.

According to various sources, various nasty pop-under adverts are starting to surface, that defeat the basic built-in anti pop-up/under features of modern browsers. Now is the time to install more powerful tools, and properly configure them, if you want to stop the advertisers stalling your bandwidth.

Step 1 is to install a real browser, take your pick from anything that isn't IE, I suggest Mozilla Firefox. Step 2 install a full-strength junk-filter, and download some advert filters. For most people that's it, but you can even add a privacy protecting proxy, and custom host file for that extra layer. See Blocking Adverts for more basic instructions.


We had snow in the village today. Apparently on the eastern side of the UK there has been quite a snowfall today. I didn't see any at work all day, and there was none in town on my way home, however when the train arrived in the village, just 12km to the west of town, there had been a snow fall.

Tomorrow the whole country will grind to a halt, it will be the main story on the news, and chaos will ensue...