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24 Feb 2005

Hand Written Code

This week has been pretty hectic at work, but today in a temporary moment of calm I had a chance to work on an old web page from our web site. I never liked the page, it looked good, but wasn't very functional, and there have been complaints about it. I didn't create the page, a graphic designer using Dreamweaver did, and as a result the HTML is awful machine written spaghetti. Rather than try and make changes to the page I re-wrote it from scratch.

The revised page looks very similar, I was able to re-use some of the style elements, and in other places copy the look'n'feel via the style sheet. On the design side I opted for a clean modern design using DIV tags for the large chunks of page, and the main content in a single un-ordered list. The result is 50% the file size of the original, and includes the design improvements.

While machine written code is faster to create it's usually less optimal than properly hand crafted code, and worst of all, machine generated code is virtually unmaintainable without the tool that created it.