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01 Mar 2005

Computer for Dad

This easter I plan to give my dad a computer. It's a scrap Compaq that work were getting rid of, but with Debian Sarge on it, it seems to run well enough, and has plenty of simple games to keep him happy. I don't know how often it will get connected to the Internet, it only has an antique 36k modem in it, but today I installed the wvdial dialer tool on it anyway. As usual with Debian, you just do the apt-get dance, and in a few minutes you have what you asked for all properly installed and configured. I've never had apt fail on me yet, the same can't be said of rpm.


When I installed Debian Sarge on a couple of scrap computers from work, the hotplug tool wanted to install both the e100 and eepro100 drivers into the kernel. As far as I could tell they are similar drivers, and both worked with the e100 card that the machines had. Rather than have both loaded, I blacklisted the eepro100 in hotplug config. Today Debian updated the hotplug tool and the eepro100 driver is now blacklisted by default. Apparently I was right all along.