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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

19 Mar 2005


Next week I'm giving my dad a PC built from work scrap. Last weekend I installed the modem and dialer software, today I installed the necessary rules for iptables to tie the box down nice and safe. The hardest part of setting up the rules was finding the correct place to insert them so that they kick in as the various network interfaces come up.


Today we helped out in an OBS project to look after a field in the village. We planted a hedgerow on one side of the field. In previous weekends we did one of the other sides, and later in the autumn we'll do one more edge.

Today was however the first really warm day of the year, it was plenty warm enough to work outside in T-shirt and shorts, and I really should have had a hat on, as I caught some sun, and now have a red-neck and forehead.