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09 Apr 2005

Kubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)

This week the Ubuntu people released the April 2005 (5.04) version of ubuntu. The previous version was very well received, it's a very slick and polished desktop Linux distribution based on the rock solid Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The previous release was based on the GNOME desktop technology, but I prefer the KDE technology.

This version comes out in two versions, the original GNOME version, and a KDE based version called "Kubuntu". In practice the only difference is the defaults and the packages on the initial install disk, one version can easily be upgraded to include the other version, via Debian's fantastic package management system.

For a server system I still prefer traditional Debian, it more stable, too stable according to some, but in a sever environment it's nice to know you can keep something for years and it will keep running, and constantly be security updated, without breaking anything.

In a home desktop environment you can be a little more risk taking, and I am seriously considering an ubuntu version of Debian for my next desktop system. Mind you I need to get a new computer first... Work are always throwing out kit, which is still serviceable, and there is always the radical option of buying something new!