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10 Apr 2005

Debian For Dad - Report

Adapting a Debian Sarge system for my father was quite enlightening, after sending a report to my local LUG mailing list, I've also added it to our Wiki page:

ADSL For Dad

My father has only had his computer for a few weeks, and now he wants to connect to the Internet faster, and easier. Given the age of the PC I gave him, I don't think faster will make any real difference, but an always on Internet connection would make his life a lot easier.

It's quite cheap these days to get some form of data capped ADSL deal, for under £16 per month, and ADSL router/switches are dirt cheap (£30-40). The thing that is really tempting is that if I did set him up, SSHing in to maintain the box would be a lot easier for me.