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26 Apr 2005

Tell A Friend

The Linux Box are currently running their Tell-A-Friend Project. The idea is that each happy Linux user should try and convert at least one unhappy Windows user to the joys of Linux/Unix.

They make some good and generally valid points. Linux does have it's weak areas, for example it's not a good platform to run fancy games on. They also list the many positive advantages that Linux has over Windows. However, I think the article misses one key point, while Linux is safer and more secure out of the box than Windows, you really need to know what you are doing whichever OS you run if you really want everything to be safe and secure.

A clueless user, currently running Windows XP is still going to be at risk, even if upgraded to the latest "newbie" Linux distribution. What ever people run, and I'd prefer them to run Linux, user education is the key to safe computing.