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15 May 2005

Perl SAP Article

I've started to write my SAP/Perl article up for The Perl Review but I've not got very far. I'll have to put some more effort in and get it done soon, before I forget what we did!

Train Price Madness

I need to visit my father to set him up with ADSL. It's typically a seven hour car drive because of the utterly awful traffic around Birmingham and Manchester, and as we don't run a car it's a moot point anyway.

The natural choice is the train, I can get a train from Basingstoke to Manchester, it's hardly any distance, but it costs a fortune and takes forever. Plan "B" is to take the faster east coast line to Leeds, visit a friend there, then take a local service to my dad, but that costs a fortune too.

Plan "C" is fly from Southampton to Manchester, it's cheaper and faster than either plan "A" or "B". It's utterly insane that it's cheaper to fly a few hundred kilometres, than it is to use the train.

Plan "D" is to post my dad a fully configured ADSL box, and then configure the machine remotely. It's the cheapest option, and certainally the quickest...