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29 May 2005

The No-Help Desk

If you don't run Windows, or if you do but you don't run the latest version it's often hard to get support for hardware or web-services from big companies. For example a colleague had a problem sending email via UK ISP NTL. They refused to look into the problem because the computer in question was not running Windows.

To get anywhere he had to pretend to be running Windows, and even then they were quite unhelpful. In the end, their solution to his problem was to use web-mail rather than email, and it couldn't be a real problem as no one else had complained...

While this is often a problem when running Linux, and dealing with Windows obsessed suppliers*, it also applies to the wider world. All too often the people on the other end of the phone are without a clue, and simply instructed to follow a script, if you don't follow their script too, then you tend to get no where.

* Defeating the no-help desk.